Where Are You? ❦ poetry

I last saw you in this morning’s cool misty rain,

My soul yearns to see you again.

It’s been a while, I am getting worried,

the weather is cooling off, be home in a hurry.

Thinking of holding you,

I put on my coat to go find you.

The long grass crunches under my feet,

Looking forward to the moment again we meet.

You and your sister have been my anchor for years,

Through happiness, joys and tears.

I call your name,

to the falling mist and rain.

I circle the farm calling you becoming horse,

checking the fields and food forest.

Spirit slowly reveals to my heart,

my dear Muffin and  I must part.

I remember your headbutts with mirth,

Alas you have gone to heaven and earth.

I am now calling your name to the wind,

I know sadly I shall never see you again.

With all my love Muffin,

and sister Mittens.

Chuck Burr


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