True Love ❦ poetry

To love or not to love? That is the question.

Few fly so high as true love. Those that do touch the sky.

A once in a life time glimpse of the divine. A light so sublime.

For one or both, does it matter?

You were alive to be in love. Love has made you alive.

All paths lead to the same place. A path with heart makes you stronger.

A love lost, is true love’s gain. When they go, you love them more.

Its not about being lonely. It is about them.

They will always be in your heart, in your soul. Knowing them flows through your being.

When you love them more than life, true love has arrived.

When in their heart lies your destiny, pay attention true love has arrived.

Love is like the sun, it shines down on everyone.

Some rise high, some rise low. Some rise a short time, few loves arise forever.

Whether near or far, a true love is the brightest nite star.

Blessed one and blessed all. To truly love, is to truly be alive!

Ode to true love. Ode to joy.

Chuck Burr

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