The First Moment I Saw You ❦ poetry

Much of our first day is a blur. But the first moment I saw you is forever frozen in my heart’s mind. The sacred masculine met the sacred feminine. 

Pictures and the phone cannot do justice. The memory of the first moment I saw you is filled with the deepest emotions I posses.

My gratitude for these emotions is immense. The feeling of true love comes once in a lifetime if you are one of a lucky few.

There you weren’t. Bounce with huge smile, then there you were!

My life changed in that instant. How I hoped you would love me too.

And you did love me. My children and your love is all I can ask to complete my life.

There you were! A smile as big and bright as the sun shining down on me.

In that instant is wrapped an eternity. New memories unfold one after another beginning this first moment I saw you.

I will lose a lot as I go through this life. But I will never loose the feeling of the first moment my eyes and heart saw you.

The only thing that can compare is the feeling of you hair. I feel your hair on my cheek as we kiss deeply the first.

I love you hair, your cheek, your eyes, your smell, your voice. All forever memorized in my heart.

Thank you for this moment. How can a moment last forever?

So vivid, so bright, so warm, so joyous, beyond expectations. So much love in a moment.

Thank you for this forever moment. It radiates from my heart, my mind, my soul as pure energy flowing out to the universe.

Ode to the first moment I saw you. You took my breath away.

Chuck Burr

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