Life’s Relationship Cycles

Life goes round and round. Life’s cycles are a beautiful thing. Everyone is different and we all change over time. How does relationship change as we go through life?

Teens and 20s Exploration

This is an amazing time of life, every part is. Here you explore what you want in relationship. You are developing a vocabulary of life. Choose your pasterns well, make your experiences healthy.

This is a period some people really get it right, they start developing skills to be good in relationship which will translate to a happy marriage. You can really tell when you start dating someone who is good at relationship, they are so present. They learned those skills and values at an early age.

Parents try to coach and show your children how to have healthy relationships. This is the age where it starts to pay off as they become young adults.

30s Mating

Time to start a family if you have not already. This is where the relationship skills you have developed matter. What most people do not get until after the fact, is that you are in relationship with whoever you have children with for the next 20 years to the rest of your life. Choose your mate carefully.

40s Family

Put your best foot forward. Create a good home for your children and your mate. Be a soccer mom or dad. This is the time of grand visions and adventures. You are strong, energetic and young. Make careful decisions about where you live and career. Where you live affects school districts, career growth and home resale value later.

50s Empty Nest

If you are married and raising your children together, relish and appreciate each other. You have such a gift! Our personalities solidify by our early 50s. Be present, loving and supportive. Grow in life together.

If you are divorced, it is harder to stick together with people you date because you do not have children holding you together.  It is easier to split up the music collection and go. Watch out for this. Try to be more relationship focused. If relationship and intimacy are important, look your age or younger. If keeping active, stability are the focus maybe look your age and older. This is a personal preference.

60s+ Less Relationship Focus

This is an all about me time. If you are not married, relationship and intimacy take less of a focus. Enjoy life, travel, get out there, stay healthy, be active. If you are single, find someone to do stuff with, keep each other busy, have fun!

You have learned a lot in life, give back. Help a nonprofit, be active in a campaign, be a mentor. This is true throughout life, help those coming up after you. You have so much to give. Share what you have learned, share your wisdom, share your love.


  • 20s You can’t stop thinking about sex.
  • 30s Still thinking about sex.
  • 40s Sex is enjoyable.
  • 50s Sex is sacred.
  • 60s+ Don’t forget about sex.

Chuck Burr

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