Relationship ❦ poetry

Without loyalty you have nothing.

Without courage nothing is accomplished.


Without honesty there is no peace.

Without love there is emptiness.


Without vulnerability there is no trust.

Without the kiss you are not close.


Without difficulty there is no appreciation.

Without appreciation there is no empathy.


Without compassion there is no understanding.

Without understanding there is no forgiveness.


Without mistakes there are no lessons.

Without lessons there is no growth.


Without expressing needs they are not met.

Without expressing fears you are not protected.


Without forgiveness there is no hope.

Without hope there is no future.


Without space no light shines in.

Without light love’s soul does not spring eternal.


Without presence there is no companionship.

Without making the other happy there is no relationship.


Live, love, laugh.

Grow old, grow young, grow together.


Thank you for the inspiration N.

Chuck Burr

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