Finding You ❦ poetry

Appreciating you everyday…


If you’re one in a million

There are two of you in Los Angeles.


Just like the girl next door

A hop skip jump and a plane ride away.


You’re perfect for me

Goofy and lovable!


T-minus three days and counting

Feels like an eternity and quickly at the same time.


How do you smell, how do you taste

How do we kiss, French?


Road trip, in a van down by the river

The coast will never seem the same.


Your voice is music to my ears

your smile is sunlight to my eyes.


It took me 30 years to find you

Let’s shoot for that many more.


A happy health partner yay!

This is so much fun.


In love there health

We will be really healthy!


Someone to dental floss with

The second funnest part of the day.


Fulfilled now in us

Finding you fills my heart.


You make my days complete

My soul is joyful!

Chuck Burr

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